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August 23, 2023

Lucky Presents’ Sydney New Year Fireworks Cruise

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As Sydney prepares to welcome in 2019, excitement builds for one of the year’s most anticipated events: New Year’s Eve fireworks. Lucky Presents is pleased to offer their most remarkable experience yet: Sydney New Year Fireworks Cruise – set sail and witness fireworks light up Sydney Harbour like never before as you sail into 2019 in style! Don’t miss this incredible way to ring in 2018 in style – join Lucky Presents as we host one unforgettable cruise after another to welcome 2018 with style!

Get Ready For an Amazing Celebration

Lucky Presents excels at crafting unforgettable experiences, and our Sydney New Year Fireworks Cruise is no different. Imagine yourself aboard an elegant vessel as we glide effortlessly through Sydney Harbour towards midnight; as excitement and anticipation build to celebrate a night to remember!

Front Row Seats to Sydney’s Finest Display

Why settle for an unobstructed view of Sydney’s famed fireworks display when our carefully planned cruise route places you right at its heart? When Sydney lights up with brilliant colours in an explosion of colors at nightfall, our specially tailored cruise route places you perfectly positioned to witness it all from close up and capture every spectacular moment as they occur!

Step aboard Lucky Presents’ luxurious vessel and be overwhelmed with comfort and opulence. Lucky Presents takes great pride in providing unrivalled luxury experiences, such as their Sydney New Year Fireworks Cruise. Every detail from its spacious decks with panoramic views to beautifully designed interiors has been thoughtfully considered to enhance your experience – enjoy gourmet cuisine, sip premium beverages and dance along to live music while marking the dawning of another new year with us!

Sydney Harbour holds many charms for visitors.

Sydney Harbour is the jewel in Sydney’s crown, and our fireworks cruise offers you an opportunity to witness its splendour like never before. Cruise beneath illuminated arches of Sydney Harbour Bridge as its iconic Opera House serves as your backdrop – creating a magical atmosphere which is uniquely Sydney!

Creating Enduring Memories

Beyond fireworks and festivities, our Sydney New Year Fireworks Cruise offers you an experience you won’t soon forget. Shared among loved ones or meeting new ones aboard. Its sense of camaraderie and anticipation makes the countdown to midnight all the sweeter as it symbolizes farewell to old things while welcoming in new beginnings!

Reserve Your Sydney New Year Fireworks Cruise

Make the most out of this spectacular New Year Fireworks Cruise experience. And book early – seats are limited for an intimate setting and advance booking key! Take a look at our wide variety of packages tailored specifically towards individual preferences. Or group sizes; and let us create the ultimate New Year’s Eve party celebration together.


Lucky Presents invites you to experience an extraordinary New Year’s Eve celebration aboard its Sydney New Year Fireworks Cruise! Sail into 2018 in luxury amidst beauty, magic, and Sydney’s famed fireworks display. Don’t miss this entrancing night that promises an extraordinary show of light and joy. That sets the pace for another remarkable year ahead – reserve your place. Now to ensure an experience you won’t soon forget.

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